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Assembly and aggregation of TiO2 NPs on proper supports

The thickness and physic-chemical characteristics of TiO2 coatings can greatly influences its final performance. In this WP3, different deposition procedures will be set for applying films of TiO2 NPs with defined and homogeneous thickness on supports of interest for the application studied into the SETNanoMetro project:

  • Silica glasses for photocatalytic measurements (WP5)

  • Conductive glasses (e.g. ITO) for dye-sensitized solar cells (WP6)

  • Ti-alloys (Ti-6Al-4V) for orthopedic and/or dental implants (WP7)

The formation of single layer TiO2 NPs films will be carried out by using different techniques. PVD sputtering and screen printing methodologies will be employed to prepare films with preformed commercial TiO2 NPs. Sol-gel technologies and conventional methods using TiO2 NPs synthesized in WP1 will be also prepared. The comparison between performance of films obtained by commercial and synthesized NPs will be done.

On the other hand, films with multiple TiO2 NPs layers will be also prepared. A high level control of the assembly and subsequent aggregation of the NPs is required in order to control the interparticle interactions, the shape and extent of the interparticle voids and the size and crystallographic type of facets at the upper surface of TiO2 coating, which could affect the transport of charge, the diffusion of reactants and further functional properties of the final coating. The functionalization of the supports and NPs synthesized in WP1 will be carried out to improve the formation of the multilayer films.

Relationship with other WPs: This WP3 is closely related with WP1 (as TiO2 NPs synthesized in WP1 will be employed) and with WP4 (where the characterization of the developed films will be carried out). In addition, the performance of the films will be carefully studied in WP5, WP6 and WP7.

Partners involved: IK4-TEKNIKER (Lead), BAM, SOLAR, UNITO, UPMC, DTI

Duration: months 8-36