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Little summary of WP4, highlighting the objectives and the foreseen results

The general aim of WP4 is to improve existing metrology and develop new methods, standards and protocols for measuring the physical and interfacial properties of nanosized and nanostructured TiO2 particles and films.

Measurement of dimensional and chemical properties of NPs will be standardized with the ultimate goal of reference standard materials fabrication for industrial applications and improvement of the reliability of measurement results by establishing their metrological traceability.

Complementary methodologies will be used to characterize as complete as possible properties relevant for the intended applications, both of individual nanoparticles and of the films produced by their assembling/aggregation.

Specific objectives:

  • Extensive characterization of individual TiO2 NPs and of the films structures resulting from their assembling/aggregation on proper support

  • Development of suited sample preparation techniques in dependence of the analytical method employed

  • Selection, evaluation, and development of analytical methods with potential to be advanced to standardized methods for the characterization of both individual TiO2 NPs and nanostructured and nano-enabled systems

  • Establishing of two sets of measurement methods: (i) quick, screening measurement procedures which shall accompany the production of TiO2 NPs and (ii) quantitative measurement procedures, which, after development and validation, shall provide traceable results of the NPs physico-chemical parameters

  • Contribution to linking the characterized physico-chemical properties to the functional parameters of the three major applications selected in WPs 5, 6 and 7.